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What does my faith represent in the way I do business?

Paulina López Torres

Clothing and footwear designer of Paulina López

“Faith in business is accepting that sometimes you win and sometimes you learn.”

Faith is to anticipate victory in all areas of life…. To trust that the path we take is the best and optimal way to always achieve the yes.

Believing leads us to find the path or to replace it or to abandon it.

I think that in my case, as a fashion designer, first of all, my faith in myself and in my project was very important; then, how magic I always managed to achieve it, despite the obstacles, without forgetting to keep the goal as a priority.

The experience as a creative has also had to do with the negotiation from suppliers and with the clients themselves and achieve the satisfactory experience that was able to raise self-esteem, generate uniqueness and exploit personality to the maximum power always respecting tastes and personality.

Faith in the service to others must be developed and improved every day not only in the workplace but in all areas, it is so important; it makes the difference to make the human being feel important, deserving and unique; achieving this is a path where opportunities open up where well-being is the most important thing for everyone.

The experience of faith in business is transcendental because if not the desire or the dream fades away. That is why it is important to be updated in all areas, and every time the road will be easier.

Faith in business is to accept that sometimes you win and sometimes you learn! And to be alert and open to constant change, nothing will be static or forever, it will generate growth or change which we must accept and let the same experience guide us and flow.

In these new times where we have had to reinvent ourselves in the face of a global health condition, faith in the new way of living leads us to save time, spend less and be more efficient, which makes us change all our beliefs. It is a wonderful technological evolution and invites us to change as human beings and as professionals. Reduction and elimination of work positions implies organizational changes which generates an important impact in all areas of life from the air we breathe to the effectiveness of the time dedicated to work, the quality of life is better. We do not waste time, we optimize it and dedicate more time to the issue of quality of life, I personally have faith in this change!

It leads us to globalize and have worldwide impact with a single connected click. Faith is also important from the sense of honesty and quality to offer the exchange without having the same experience as before is also to trust as customers. And it is not only lived in good faith, it is built in each experience and strengthens us more if we allow it, it gives us the strength that is sometimes needed to evolve and grow the business. Faith helps us to expand our potential as a company and as individuals and I believe it is a very important part of the balance of human life in general. That is why faith must be blind and dedicate time to strategies and changes for the benefit of the company, that does not interrupt or distract us and brings us a lot of value.

That faith moves our intelligence to create integral businesses in all aspects. And to be good negotiators, analyzing and overcoming emotions to achieve the desired results. And generate good for all.

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