Gustav Juul
Lead for USA

With a long international career as and entrepreneur and shareholder in companies such as Muuwho, Trinity, Prosanté, RHHR Group (now Adizes Executive Search) and Adizes Institute, he created the foundations of this altruistic project, where the benefits are donated entirely to scholarships.

Anthony Dovkants
Lead for Brazil

With a thriving career in many different businesses, XO Leaders was pleased to welcome Anthony Dovkants to the team. As Managing Partner and Co-Founder of one of the most important PR Consulting firms in Braizil, we are sure the book will be a success.

Peter Shtrom
Lead for Europe

Peter Shtrom is Vice President for Development, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean for the Adizes Institute as well as a Certified Associate. Peter graduated from the Moscow State Industrial University, formerly known as MACI, with a degree in engineering.