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The road to success

The road to success Claudia Márquez CEO and President Hyundai Motor of México “Every day is an opportunity to be better.” The evolution of industries and the accelerated growth of society have caused a structural change in companies, which has generated a great openness to the diversity of talent regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation …

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I can or I can’t

I can or I can’t Antonio Arranz CEO DHL Express México “Being empathetic and conveying a can-do attitude helps in the development of empowerment and confidence in those around you.” Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies worldwide have been put to the test, perhaps as never before. In the midst of uncertainty and …

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My life changed

My life changed Simón Cohen CEO HENCO “We have two lives: the second begins when we realize that we have only one.” On May 6, 2006, in Hong Kong, in one of the fanciest restaurants in the city, my heart failed and my life changed. The next thing I remember is riding in an ambulance …

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Quality of life and evolution

Quality of life and evolution Luis Silva Vice president commercial AT&T “Virtual work helps many people to move around and get closer to their families, which is a transcendental change in people’s quality of life.” The concept of quality of life is becoming one of the highest priorities for today’s corporate employees. The changes the …

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