It is now 6 years since we published the first book written by over 100 Founders, Presidents and CEOs, in which they share their experiences, anecdotes and what they have learned about leadership.

This series of books that we are creating is dedicated to other business leaders and as an extraordinary perk the benefits of the sale of the books are donated entirely to scholarships.

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This year, as the world is slowly turning back to a semblance of normality, we are excited to see that more countries are adopting this project. We look forward to books with this concept being published in ever more places.

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”It was a pleasure to talk to the prominent Mexican businessmen. Hope that my story created at least a small bridge between our people. I would be glad to continue our cooperation and do hope to welcome you here in Moscow”


Director of Executive MBA
PhD. in Sociology

Fue un verdadero honor el haber tenido la oportunidad de participar en esta edición


Muñoz Serafín Consultores, S.C.

Es un libro de utilidad para visionarios, emprendedores, profesionales y todas los patrones que busquen la eficacia y la mejora continua. Un texto contemporáneo, fresco, pragmático y original.

Dr. Germán Campos

Director de Desarrollo Institucional
Universidad Anáhuac México